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Rogers cell phones

I have been a customer with Rogers wireless a very long time lets just say over 12 years. Since April of 2013 Rogers is still charging customers for HST! BC no longer has HST since April 1/2013. I have phoned… Continue Reading →

Bell Canada Telephone Service and Internet

If you like to listen to static during your telephone conversations, then definitely sign up for Bell Canada Services Another feature offered is an internet connections that spontaneously disconnects about 10 times a day. You have to hand it to… Continue Reading →

Rogers starts charging for paper bills

Rogers customers are being asked to pay an extra $2/month for paper billing, amid claims of discrimination by a seniors’ advocate. Many wireless and cellphone companies already charge a similar amount for a paper bill, including Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin,… Continue Reading →

Bell Mobility, Orangeville Ontario

Every single day for the past few months we have been receiving a terse automated message from Bell Mobility telling us to contact them immediately about our account. When we call the number the message gives us we do speak… Continue Reading →

Canadian cellphone customers’ biggest gripes

TORONTO – Canadian cellphone customers are fed up with perceived price gouging, lousy customer service, and onerous contract terms, according to a report released by the advocacy group OpenMedia. The group asked consumers for their horror stories in dealing with… Continue Reading →

Cellphone horror stories ring through consumers’ troubles with service providers

VANCOUVER – When a Canadian whose legs were crushed in a freak accident and a man with Asperger’s Disorder asked to cut the cord on cellphone contracts because they had no steady income, the line was the same: You’re not… Continue Reading →

Rogers $300+ penalty on leaving contract due to buggy phone

I signed up with Rogers wireless about 20 months ago (honestly don’t remember). I got a deal on an LG Phoenix with a 3-year contract. Last fall, the phone started producing an error something like “low-speed network found, do you… Continue Reading →

Bell Charging for events that never took place

I’ve been a bell customer for 11+ years, and recently, they’ve decided to double my bill everymonth, and add on these extra events, 45$ worth of extra texting (ontop of my “unlimited” plan ) and 10$ in video picture fees…. Continue Reading →

VIRGIN Mobiles contests

Hello, Repeatedly sent emails by them for contests I do not qualify for. Their response? An apology! Is it not false advertising to offer something and then tell a person he does not qualify? Lance


The installer never showed up. When I inquired why they told me the installer did show up. Bell lies. From what I have researched online looks like this turns out to be a blessing; so so many complaints about them.

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