Bell Mobility, Orangeville Ontario

Every single day for the past few months we have been receiving a terse automated message from Bell Mobility telling us to contact them immediately about our account. When we call the number the message gives us we do speak with a real person and when we describe the problem the first thing they ask for is the account number. Problem is WE Don’t HAVE an account with Bell and never have! Get this….because we don’t have an account number – they can’t help us and can’t find a record of us being called! Therefore the calls keep coming every day and we are slowly going out of our minds. Any idea how we can possibly stop this harassement?

Canadian cellphone customers’ biggest gripes

TORONTO – Canadian cellphone customers are fed up with perceived price gouging, lousy customer service, and onerous contract terms, according to a report released by the advocacy group OpenMedia.

The group asked consumers for their horror stories in dealing with mobile service providers and tallied the tales of 2,859 respondents.

Almost two-thirds raised issues about poor service, while one in three said they felt trapped by the terms of their contract.

Among the most common complaints were: being charged unexpected additional fees; clarity of advertised prices; clarity of and sudden changes to contract terms and conditions; and issues with roaming.

The report, entitled “Time for an Upgrade: Demanding Choice in Canada’s Cell Phone Market,” calls for more competition in the mobile market; mandating that phones be sold unlocked, so they can be used with different carriers; and more consumer-friendly contracts, rather the typical three-year agreements that come with buying a new phone at a subsidized price.


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Cellphone horror stories ring through consumers’ troubles with service providers

VANCOUVER – When a Canadian whose legs were crushed in a freak accident and a man with Asperger’s Disorder asked to cut the cord on cellphone contracts because they had no steady income, the line was the same: You’re not getting off the hook.

A non-profit group released these and other cellphone horror stories today as it attempts to dial-up the pressure on the federal telecom regulator to incorporate public opinion in re-writing Canada’s wireless code. says nearly three-thousand people participated in its survey, which found consumers’ greatest complaint against cellphone companies was poor and disrespectful service.

Contract holders also say they feel trapped in the agreements, penalized by high termination fees and stuck with lengthy three-year commitments.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission continues to consult with stakeholders as it drafts a set of national standards for the content and clarity of cellphone contracts.

They are expected to be released this summer.

Rogers $300+ penalty on leaving contract due to buggy phone

I signed up with Rogers wireless about 20 months ago (honestly don’t remember). I got a deal on an LG Phoenix with a 3-year contract. Last fall, the phone started producing an error something like “low-speed network found, do you want to continue yes or no”. It would produce tons of these, meaning sometimes when I tried to answer calls, I couldn’t answer the call because I was still dismissing the error messages. Rogers was unable to fix this problem. They told me to select the “upgrade” option in settings, but when we saw there was no such option, I was stuck. Further, the memory on the phone was slowly consumed, to the point where I couldn’t add new contacts, and I couldn’t delete any of their mountains of pre-installed garbage (most of which I couldn’t use anyway since I didn’t have a data plan) to make room for whatever was eating the memory. The phone was near useless. I decided to upgrade my phone with Rogers, assuming that they’d be delighted to keep me as a customer, but the “free” LG Optimus L7 they wanted me to use would inexplicably end up costing me well over $100, including an “early upgrade” fee of $50. The store staff hinted I might be able to get a better deal if I threatened to leave Rogers. I decided to skip the threats and actually do it, and made the switch to Telus, on a 2-year contract (still ridiculous, but at least not 3).

Rogers would have kept me as a customer if (1) the phone had worked, and (2) they hadn’t suggested games like threatening to leave to get better customer service.

But in canceling my Rogers service, I’m now hit with a $300+ kick in the pants on the way out, for not putting up with their failures. Support helpfully suggested I might find some other person to take over the remaining 16 months of my contract. So apparently I’m now a salesman for Rogers (just remember Rogers that you asked for this) but I’ll never, ever, be their customer again. Due to the shorter contract length, Telus will never be this kind of problem to me. And with the rising public outrage over cell contracts, it’s important to keep the pressure on the CRTC to penalize companies who use contracts to force customers to accept lousy service and unusable products.

Bell Charging for events that never took place

I’ve been a bell customer for 11+ years, and recently, they’ve decided to double my bill everymonth, and add on these extra events, 45$ worth of extra texting (ontop of my “unlimited” plan ) and 10$ in video picture fees. I know for a fact I didn’t go over my “unlimited” 2500 sent texts plan, but tried to contact bell and see what they had to say. The first customer service representative was very rude and unwilling to help at all, so i call another representative and he seemed nice and concerned. He agreed to remove 150$ off the 250$ bill if I agreed to upgrade to the “real” unlimited text and video/picture sending. I agreed, and was left with a 100$ bill, that I wasn’t exactly pleased with but okay. I then received another bill this week, owing an additonal 100$ ontop of what the original price was, but they charged me the same price on sent texts and video, even though I upgraded my plan. I am now waiting on hold, just to talk to someone for the past 20 minutes, BELL IS TERRIBLE. They will mislead you, and overcharge. I am definitely cancelling my service with them.

VIRGIN Mobiles contests


Repeatedly sent emails by them for contests I do not qualify for. Their response? An apology! Is it not false advertising to offer something and then tell a person he does not qualify?



The installer never showed up. When I inquired why they told me the installer did show up. Bell lies.

From what I have researched online looks like this turns out to be a blessing; so so many complaints about them.

Koodo Mobile

In the early summer of 2011, I received a bill for my mothers cell phone, which was approx. $130 more than it usually is. This is not the first time this has happened. In the past, I would phone, and they would realize the error, and make the appropriate changes. My mom doesn’t really know how to use her cell phone, can barely text, and only uses it for emergency situations. When I received the bill, I asked if there was anything at ALL, that she could think of, that would contribute to the bill. I even asked if she had signed up for anything and given her phone number to it. Nope.
So I’m a couple of weeks away from my wedding, and I’m planning it all by myself. I phone Koodo and wait on hold for 45 minutes. I hang up. I did not have time to wait. My life was crazy, with getting married in 2 weeks. I tried calling again about a week later. I waited on hold for 30 minutes. I hung up. I get married, and the next month Koodo shuts down my mom’s phone. I’m O.K. with this, as I’m tired of dealing with their errors in billing, and happy to move on to another carrier for her. Approx. two months after the bill was received, I start getting these phone calls from strangers, telling me to phone them back at their 1800 numbers.

I have only had absolutely perfect credit my whole life. I have never missed a payment on one thing. After ONE bill, no warnings, and 2 months later, Koodo has contacted a Collections Agency, to get “their” money. I had no idea how to deal with them, as I have never received a call from them in my life. They explained that I could no longer be in contact with Koodo over this amount, it must be paid to them. So, on the spot, over the phone I explained my story to the Collection Agency, and paid the full amount. They said that they would put no personal marks against my credit, because I paid them on first contact.

A year goes by, and I try to sign up for a payment contract for something. They do a credit check. My credit had been lowered SO significantly, that I requested a credit report from Trans Union. Koodo was to blame. After incorrectly billing me AGAIN, and giving me one bill, with no warnings, and not allowing a system where I can easily call in and talk to someone, they go and completely ruin my credit with one hit.

I sell phones for different phone companies for my work. I will absolutely NEVER, ever ever recommend Koodo. In fact, I always make it very clear, that people should avoid working with them at all costs.

I went from having an impeccable untouched credit rating, to not being able to get on a phone plan.
The only way Koodo will ever be able to make this up to me, is to rectify what they have done, realize my willingness to cooperate even unjustly, and contact trans union to remove this hit. It is inaccurate, and unfair.

Never, ever ever ever, deal with Koodo.

virginmobile Barrie On—Aug. 24 2012

At a Virgin Koist I waited 45 minutes to change my plan which was never done at my request, my bill was total paid. I then e-mailed Virgin, with no response. Received a bill in August 2012 for over $230.00 for calls I did not make. I have since cancelled my services as of Aug .23 2012. Why are these companies allowed to stay in bussiness when they do Not provide a service as requested by the customer.

Solo Mobile is AWFUL

I had a very, very similar experience to the fellow at:

They made it impossible to cancel and threatened my credit rating even after I wrote them once and called in 4 times to cancel my account.

Find another provider.