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Rogers starts charging for paper bills

Rogers customers are being asked to pay an extra $2/month for paper billing, amid claims of discrimination by a seniors’ advocate. Many wireless and cellphone companies already charge a similar amount for a paper bill, including Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin,… Continue Reading →

Bell Mobility, Orangeville Ontario

Every single day for the past few months we have been receiving a terse automated message from Bell Mobility telling us to contact them immediately about our account. When we call the number the message gives us we do speak… Continue Reading →

Canadian cellphone customers’ biggest gripes

TORONTO – Canadian cellphone customers are fed up with perceived price gouging, lousy customer service, and onerous contract terms, according to a report released by the advocacy group OpenMedia. The group asked consumers for their horror stories in dealing with… Continue Reading →

Cellphone horror stories ring through consumers’ troubles with service providers

VANCOUVER – When a Canadian whose legs were crushed in a freak accident and a man with Asperger’s Disorder asked to cut the cord on cellphone contracts because they had no steady income, the line was the same: You’re not… Continue Reading →

Rogers $300+ penalty on leaving contract due to buggy phone

I signed up with Rogers wireless about 20 months ago (honestly don’t remember). I got a deal on an LG Phoenix with a 3-year contract. Last fall, the phone started producing an error something like “low-speed network found, do you… Continue Reading →

Bell Charging for events that never took place

I’ve been a bell customer for 11+ years, and recently, they’ve decided to double my bill everymonth, and add on these extra events, 45$ worth of extra texting (ontop of my “unlimited” plan ) and 10$ in video picture fees…. Continue Reading →

VIRGIN Mobiles contests

Hello, Repeatedly sent emails by them for contests I do not qualify for. Their response? An apology! Is it not false advertising to offer something and then tell a person he does not qualify? Lance


The installer never showed up. When I inquired why they told me the installer did show up. Bell lies. From what I have researched online looks like this turns out to be a blessing; so so many complaints about them.

Koodo Mobile

In the early summer of 2011, I received a bill for my mothers cell phone, which was approx. $130 more than it usually is. This is not the first time this has happened. In the past, I would phone, and… Continue Reading →

virginmobile Barrie On—Aug. 24 2012

At a Virgin Koist I waited 45 minutes to change my plan which was never done at my request, my bill was total paid. I then e-mailed Virgin, with no response. Received a bill in August 2012 for over $230.00… Continue Reading →

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