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I have had my phone service suspended many times over the mistakes of Koodo. I am tax exempt and completed the forms twice because once was not enough Koodo. My phone has been suspended again saying I owe a large… Continue Reading →


Yesterday I sent a complaint to head office escalation about phone calls trying to get a simple phone book. Today someone from complaints called me. They obviously hadn’t read the complaint because it says that Richard Fleming is my boyfriend… Continue Reading →

Wind Mobile

Joined Wind 6 months ago (Begining of Nov) and within the first 2 weeks, sent in my $200 new phone for repair. They told me that it would take 4 – 6 weeks. I still don’t have my phone back… Continue Reading →


Went to bell to get new phone…they upsold me on getting new plan as it would be cheaper to do so, even though current plan had not ended. there was an overlap of having two plans. They stated that when… Continue Reading →

Mr Bill Patterson

What you have to understand is that Bell and Rogers do not want competition so Bell bought Virgin and Rogers bought Fido about a year ago and they are both slowly turning them into garbage cell phone services. This way… Continue Reading →

Rogers Vancouver

Rogers Data plan? In my work I require a mobile data device to obtain internet connectivity in the field, for updating and diagnostics of remote communications sites. The device/modem required a SIM card which at the time was only available… Continue Reading →

Mr Hayden Thunder Bay

Why are phone companies allowed to charge you for services you do not receive.

Rogers owes more than apology to customers after cross-country cellphone outage

Many Canadians suffering under the thumb of the country’s largest cellphone provider were without service after a cross-country outage last night, but at least the company still isn’t sure what caused the blackout. Rogers customers in Ontario and Quebec, and… Continue Reading →

Rogers cell phones

I have been a customer with Rogers wireless a very long time lets just say over 12 years. Since April of 2013 Rogers is still charging customers for HST! BC no longer has HST since April 1/2013. I have phoned… Continue Reading →

Bell Canada Telephone Service and Internet

If you like to listen to static during your telephone conversations, then definitely sign up for Bell Canada Services Another feature offered is an internet connections that spontaneously disconnects about 10 times a day. You have to hand it to… Continue Reading →

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